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Reliv's Uncompromising Commitment to Quality

For more than 25 years, Reliv has stood for quality nutrition and an uncompromising commitment to producing the safest, purest, and what we believe to be the most effective nutritional products available. In fact, our manufacturing standards exceed those of some of the strictest regulatory agencies in the world. It's all part of something we call The Reliv Difference

How do we do it? By following a meticulous process for every single product that comes off our line.

Step 1: Select ingredients

Reliv selects only the best ingredients based on the latest research. Every ingredient must come with a Certificate of Analysis documenting it has been independently tested and meets Reliv’s industry-leading standards.

Step 2: Confirm outside testing

Reliv scientists independently verify our suppliers’ analyses. Only when ingredients meet established standards do we release them to be used in Reliv formulas.

Step 3: Prepare formula

Quality assurance specialists triple-check each batch for absolute accuracy.

Step 4: Run Production

After technicians blend ingredients and test samples, line operators pull random cans for additional quality checks. State-of-the-art machinery verifies proper labelling, weight fills, can integrity, seal strength and product purity.

Step 5: Conduct Final Quality Check

Reliv scientists conduct complete microbiological and ingredient testing — the last step before product release.

Step 6: Ship Products to You

The most important part of the process — you experience the benefits and quality of life that we believe can be achieved through our nutritional products.

“When you open a Reliv product, you can be rest assured that it contains exactly what’s printed on the label and that it will deliver the most advanced nutrition available today.”

Brett Hastings, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

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Industry Leader

US Council for Responsible Nutrition

Reliv is a long-standing member of the US CRN, the leading trade association for dietary supplement manufacturers. 

Good Manufacturing Practices

Reliv meets or exceeds all GMPs issued by the US Food and Drug Administration.